Site of Mukden Incident

The occurrence site of Mukden incident which became the direct trigger of the Manchurian Incident. On the night of September 18, 1931, Nakuuchi Kawamoto, an independent garrison garrison at Shenyang, ignited the explosive here aimed at a full iron wire. This was made by the Chinese army to create an excuse for occupation of “Manchuria” military force. A monument was built by the Japanese side during the “Manchukuo” era, but after the war, it was overthrown by the Chinese side. Currently, the monument is “the nineteenth and eighteenth calendar monument”, and “9, 18 incident change display hall” is established in the hopeful flower street nearby. Today, near the scene, a memorial hall is newly constructed and open to the public, with the Chinese side “Nine-eighteen residual calendar monument”. It is in liu tiao hu of Yuan Ward, North Suburbs of the city.

Kanji Ishiwara

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