Site of Huanggutun incident

Chiang Kai – shek ‘s northern troops are chased by Beijing forces to bow to Beijing (present Shenyang), where Zhang Zhengui was bombed by train. In the case that occurred in June 1928, the Japanese side initially made this a Chinese military ‘s work, but later it became clear that Colonel Kawamoto Daisaku of Kanto Army planned and planned and executed it. Zhang Cheng, who was seriously injured, was brought to the hospital for treatment but died on the way. My son, Zhang Zhang Zhui, after Zhang birthday, strengthened the anti-Japanese attitude more than ever with this incident. The place is where the Kyo Haru line crosses three-dimensional, between Shenyang North Station and Emperor Tun stations. A monument is built nearby. Get off at the Imperial Plaza 5 bus. After that, about 15 minutes on foot along Fushun Road.

Zhan zuolin
explosion site

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